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CfP Temporary local economies and urban quarter development
Geschrieben: 26 Februar 2018 03:45 PM   [ Ignorieren ]
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Beigetreten  2008-03-10

Call for Paper
Global Conference on Economic Geography 2018 in Cologne

NEW DEADLINE: 29. März 2018

With this email we would like to send you the Call for Papers (CfP) for the Session „Temporary local economies and urban quarter development”, which will take place as part of the Global Conference on Economic Geography (July 24 - 28, 2018) in Cologne. Please find the CfP in the attachment and feel free to circulate it.

With kind regards,
Sebastian Henn, University of Jena and
Petra Lütke, University of Münster

„Temporary local economies and urban quarter development“

The dynamics in an unequal world (this year’s motto of the GCEG) do not only affect the structure and performance of national or regional economies but are also reflected in the transformation of economic settings at the level of single urban quarters. Global trends, such as the social acceleration, economic flexibilization, as well as the increased mobility of labor and capital tremendously in fact have significantly contributed to the change of local economies and, along with this, to the polarization of cities. While the concept of local economies is typically associated with economic activities that are permanently bound to certain urban quarters, such as small restaurants, travel agencies or betting shops, the examples of mobile vending, pop-up-stores and small-scale trade-fairs demonstrate that temporary activities play an important role at the level of urban quarters as well. Even though such activities create jobs and income, contribute to a distinct identity of the quarter population and can help to stabilize disadvantaged urban quarters, research, up to now, has widely neglected such temporary local economies and their impact on urban quarter development. This comes to a surprise when considering the great importance that local economies have played in integrated urban policies in the last years. Against this background, this session aims at deepening our understanding about such local temporary activities. In particular, it focuses on the following and related questions: Which types of temporary local arrangements can be distinguished? Which factors affect the emergence and change of temporary economies at the level of urban quarters? How do temporary local arrangements affect the development of urban quarters? How do permanent and temporary local economies interact? How can temporary local arrangements be supported by local communities?

Deadlines and further information

Please submit your abstract directly through the GCEG website, any time between 15 November 2017 and 15 March 2018: The submission requires a working title, a brief abstract (300 words max.) and contact details.

After the call for abstracts has ended, the session chairs will accept or reject your abstract. Registration and payment can be made after general acceptance of the abstract.

Further information to submit an abstract: If you have questions, feel free to contact the session chairs:

session chairs:

Dr. Petra Lütke
Urban and Regional Studies/
Economic and Transport Geography
Department of Geography
University of Münster
Heisenbergstr. 2
48149 Münster
fon ++49(0)251-8333925

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Henn
Chair of Economic Geography
Department of Geography
University of Jena
Löbdergraben 32
07743 Jena
fon ++49(0)3641-948830